This Site:
  • DigitalOcean cloud, deployed with Docker
  • Django (Python web framework) and SQL for the back-end
  • Bootstrap and some custom CSS for the responsive interface
  • Jquery, Pts.JS, ChartJS, etc... for webapps and dynamic elements
  • Cuong Pham or Bill Pham (Bill-P)
  • Software Engineer by profession
  • B.S. in Computer Science from Cal State LA
  • San Jose, CA is my home
  • I am both a Mac and a PC
  • Jazz, R&B, Chillhop are my kinds of music
  • I also speak Vietnamese... sometimes
  • Coffee
    is better than wine
Contact Info:
  • Please don't be afraid to reach out to me if you see me in person
  • Look for me on Facebook (I use my real name)
  • Click/tap the button below if the above options don't work out