The First Brick

Published on May 11, 2019, 3:18 p.m.

Hello World! This is my very first blog post.

Honestly, there really isn't much to see right now. Most of the projects that are on here are works in progress, and I probably have over a thousand blog entries to write. But I gotta start somewhere. Without first laying down the foundation, there is nothing for me to build upon. This website will serve as the framework for my future cloud projects, as well as motivation for me to continue building new software.

In addition, this site is also my playground to experiment with new and emerging web technologies, and see how they can be used to build more useful applications.

The web has come a long way. We used to have some very nice dynamic websites back in 2010 with Flash as the forefront technology. But Flash was hugely inefficient, and there was a movement away from it for a time, as a new class of computing devices (read: smartphones and tablets) were not powerful enough at the time to handle it.

Fast forward 9 years later, we are now in 2019, and most phones are just about as fast or even faster than some lower-end laptops. It's the perfect time to again push for more dynamic web and internet interactions. I used to write Flash websites and apps, many of which are no longer available today, but I can very vividly remember the excitement and inspiration I got from working with the technology. It is very refreshing to see that JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 are getting very close to replicating the dynamic experience that Flash was able to deliver back in the days, but with far better efficiency. The future is looking very bright for the web as a development platform, and I believe I need to start constructing my own cloud platform now, before I get left behind.

If you have watched Marvel's Iron Man 3, then you will find this familiar: "You're an engineer, right? Why don't you just... build something?"