Measurement Comparison Tool

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Simple online tool to compare frequency response measurements of two or more headphones/speakers. Built with ChartJS.
You can upload your own measurement data and compare them. Please note that I do not retain files on the server, so they will be gone as soon as you exit the page. I have included preloaded frequency response plots as sample. This tool supports .txt files from REW and .frd files from ARTA. I will add support for other file types later.
If you find that a plot is too hard to see, you can click the colored square patch next to the name of the plot and change its color. Plot's name can be changed as well, and an offset can be added to align different plots. To apply offset, you must click/tap the button. All other fields will apply changes automatically. Hover your mouse cursor or drag your finger over the graph to see data points.
If you happen to find any bug, or if you have ideas for improvements, please feel free to drop me a message.
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