JS Adventure (WIP)

This was a class project I did at CSULA. The initial idea was to create a text adventure game using a combination of JavaScript, CSS and HTML. It was intended to be a game played with 4 buttons to move the character, and 2 other buttons for yes/no. I thought I'd make it more interesting by making it so the user can just click on (touch) the tiles on the map instead.
Fast forward two years later, I now know far more about CSS and JavaScript, and thus upgrades have been made to the game. Specifically, the graphics system is now revamped to be responsive to screen size changes and will dynamically scale to all device types, game texts were refined and CSS animation was added. I will further improve and add more contents to the game. I hope you have enjoyed the demo.
If you happen to find any bug, or if you have ideas for improvements, please feel free to drop me a message.
Better yet, check out the source code on Github and see what you can do.